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Our Mission Books include the 10 different internal page types shown above.

Internal Pages

We're very proud of high-quality and detail that our Mission Books capture. We are the only company that will help parents track and print many details of their mission. For example, we're the only place where you can create a Map showing the locations your missionary served.

Our Mission Books include, among other things, the following types of pages:

  1. Title Page – Every book starts with a Title page.
  2. Table of Contents – The table of contents is sorted (1) first by the Locations the missionary served (these are chapters), then (2) in chronological order.
  3. Chapters – Each of the places where the missinary served becomes the chapters in the book. These will include you favorite photo of each place.
  4. Letters – The Letters are displayed in chronological order together with all of the pictures that are attached to that Letter.
  5. Pictures – All of the Pictures attached (linked) to each Letter is displayed immediately after each letter.
  6. Map – A printed Map page that shows each of the locations a missionary has served. (We're the only place people can create printed maps and include them in their Mission Books.)
  7. Locations – A list of Locations with dates showing where the missionary served.
  8. Companions – A list of Companions that the missionary served with.
  9. Highlights – A list of important dates and events that happened during their mission. These Highlights can include the dates like:
    • When they opened their call.
    • When they went through the temple the first time.
    • When they spoke in church.
    • When they were set apart.
    • When they entered the MTC.
    • When they arrived in the mission field.
    • When they get a new companion.
    • When they get transferred to a new location.
    • Each of the baptisms they have. This may be the only place (a quick reference) they can quickly see each of their baptisms.
    • When they returned home.
    • When they reported their mission in church.

Missionary Highlights is really going to be a FUN feature!

Called to Serve
In our Called to Serve app, it is going to remind them (notify them) on anniversary dates AFTER their mission. For example, they will get a notice on their phone that says “Five years ago today you opended your mission call.” Or “Seven years ago RMs to remember their mission.

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