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Parents can use the My Mission website ( to collect, organize and share their missionary experiences with your stake.

My Mission Website

The My Mission website ( is a powerful missionary blog designed to help missionary families collect, organize and share their missionary pictures, stories and experiences. It is specifically designed, optimized, and highly automated to manage missionary content which makes it easy and fun to use.

Missionary parents can use (1) the My Mission website (, or (2) any of our missionary apps ("Called to Serve" or "My Mission"), to post missionary content and interact with your stake display. If parents would rather use a website, is great. Anything that they add or change is immediately visible on the website and in all of our missionary apps.

My Mission is the most powerful and advanced missionary software in the world. Everyone loves it because we give them (1) powerful mobile apps to view missionary pictures and experiences, (2) missionary blogs to help them collect, organize and share everything, and (3) they can easily create and print very attractive Missionary Books when their missionary returns home. However, the best thing about My Mission is that (4) every missionary has immediate access to their entire mission permanently recorded and instantly accessible via a mobile app on their phone.

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