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Missionary Displays for LDS Stakes

Times have changed. The Lord is hastening His work. And He is providing new technologies to accelerate our pace. . . .

Recently many stakes have been replacing their old static missionary boards with sleek new interactive Missionary Displays. These powerful, new displays offer many benefits including:

  • Honors Missionary Service – Missionary Displays create a fun, vibrant, interactive experience; the ideal way to honor missionary service and spotlight their success.
  • Fun and Engaging – These innovative high-tech, high-touch displays are fun and engaging particularly for the youth and small children.
  • Helps Missionary Families – Our tools help families organize and share their favorite missionary pictures, stories, and experiences.
  • Highly Automated – Missionary pictures, emails and stories literally stream into your stake's display every week from around the world.

Time after time, stake after stake, these new Missionary Displays are generating positive reviews and extraordinary results. Every stake, without exception, is reporting tremendous enthusiasm and success.

Take the missionary program in your stake to a new level. Please consider what a new Missionary Display will do for the youth and missionary families in your stake.

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Gordon B. Hinckley
There are others whose lives are blessed when a missionary serves, such as the members of his family who . . . support him, pray for him, and try to live worthy of him.

– Gordon B. Hinckley
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