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Missionary Display in the Queen Creek Arizona North Stake.

Benefits for LDS Families

We help LDS families collect, organize and share their missionary experiences. Our state-of-the-art software offers LDS families many important benefits which include:

  1. Preserving Memories – Our most important "family history" is the history that we are making today. Serving a mission is life changing experience. It is often referred to as "the best two years." If this time is so significant, wouldn't it help to keep an accurate record of your experience? We teach people how to collect, organize and share their missionary pictures, letters, journals, stories and experiences.
  2. Save Every Email – The Church deletes all missionary email accounts just a few months after they returning home. All their emails, both sent and received, are deleted. But with our system, it takes just a few minutes to download every email sent by the missionary. The when the missionary gets home, they have access to every email they sent and received for life.
  3. Save Every Picture – Families love pictures. But when a pictures are sent home in an email, it takes a while to save them and put them where you can use them. In our system, every attachment to every email is saved. This includes pictures, documents, videos and audio recordings. All of the pictures are stored automatically in the missionary's online picture gallery which allows you to see all the pictures from their entire mission at a glance.
  4. Highly Automated – Our system is highly automated. All of your communication for two years is electronic. Our system can connect directly to your email account and import your pictures automatically. Or you can "cc" send everything to a private email address and it will be loaded automatically. No copying and pasting is required. All you do is send emails and our system will do everything else. It's very simple and saves you lots of time.
  5. Mission Books – My Mission is an excellent way to create and print high-quality mission books. Families can easily use their missionary pictures and emails to create a book. We have a variety of book options. Families can print several different types of books including (1) photo albums, (2) just letters, or (3) letters and pictures, or (4) all correspondence back and forth into one book.
  6. Mobile Apps – One of the biggest and most important benefits of our system is our mobile apps. All of your missionary pictures and letters are on the phone in your pocket. They are also searchable. Parents love our missionary books. But returned missionaries love the apps. No matter where they live, or how many times they move, they always have their missionary pictures, letters, journal, stories and experiences on their phone.
  7. Privacy Control – We have several powerful privacy settings that you control. You can mark items private, share them with only your family and friends, share them with your stake and seminary, share them publicly, or even post them to Facebook automatically. By default, every email marked private, only the Missionary Admin can see it. To share it with your approved friends, or post it publicly for everyone to see, all you do is edit the email, turn it ON, and select who (the group) you'd like to share it with. It’s super simple and very easy.
  8. Share Public Emails on Social Media – One click sharing of public email to social media. Show off your missionary’s stories on social media and let people read these public emails coming straight from your social media accounts.
  9. Start Anytime – Our system works anytime, even after missionaries have returned home. If you still have their emails on your computer, we can import them. We can also import them from a blog. If you don't have your pictures and emails electronically, you can read everything in using voice-to-text. Everything can be digitized, there’s just more work involved.
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