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Livros Missionários

Os missionários podem facilmente criar e imprimir um conjunto muito atraente de livros missionários quando eles retornam para casa.

Benefícios Para as Famílias

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Próximos eventos

Gordon B. Hinckley
'Behold how great is your calling' (D&C 112:33). How great is your calling! You are not sent here to take pictures. You are not sent here to play. You are sent here to find and teach. That's our opportunity, our challenge, and our responsibility. You'll never rise higher in all your lives than you will do while you are in the mission field. That may sound like a strange thing. I said that once in Argentina many years ago, and about ten years later I received a letter from a young man who said, 'When I was on a mission in Argentina, you came there and you put a hex on me. I haven't been able to lift it. I have been no good ever since. I failed in school, I failed in my work, I failed in my marriage.' I didn't put a hex on him. I simply told him that he would never stand taller, never rise higher, than while in the service of the Lord, and his subsequent life demonstrated that.

– Gordon B. Hinckley
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